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Your business is our success, and your success is our business. For loan officers looking for a new opportunity on a winning team, Open Mortgage is committed to providing you the training and support you need to make your goals possible.

From continuing education to marketing automation, we’ve got you covered to give you every opportunity to strive for greatness. And with fast, competitive payouts, we’re relentless in our pursuit of your financial dreams.

You’re our family, and we’ll help give you the freedom to provide a better life for yours. Freedom. Flexibility. That’s the Open Mortgage way – and we can’t wait for you to find your home here.

“The Tao of Open” by Scott Gordon

Open Mortgage has given me the tools to be more productive and profitable in an environment where all Loan Originators are working harder than ever to earn a living by getting an edge on the competition. Open Mortgage is an innovative company that is a market leader and offers long-term stability. I enjoy being at a company that continues to grow and expand its reach. Their dedication to employees and excellent leadership has proven invaluable in every aspect of my job.

James ShytleForward Loan Originator

Thanks to each and everyone of you that helped me this year. One thing that seems to stay consistent is that Open Mortgage has good people. This has never been questioned. It is a main reason why I joined the company. Going forward, I am excited about the opportunity to learn more, grow more and achieve more. This would not be possible without the support of each one of you. We will have new challenges to address, but with a “can do attitude”, we will all be fine. Here’s to a great year and thanks again for all you have done and will do in the future.

Matt Marshall,Forward and Reverse Loan Originator

There are many people at Open Mortgage who are committed to making the Reverse Mortgage division successful. I want to thank the leadership for the passion, vision and leadership I have personally observed in you. The thought and heart you put into your work is fueling our ability to help more and more seniors. Our rankings show that we are serious about serving seniors and helping more of them stay financially independent and remain in their homes – and that’s what’s special. We are doing such an important work.

Wendy OshiroReverse Loan Originator

Just wanted to say thanks for the treats and thanks for a treat of a job. I have been in banking for over 12 years and with Open Mortgage for 2 1/2 years. I have had, by far, the best lending experience working for this company. I will follow the leadership until the end of my banking career. You are lucky to have such amazing people and such a great company.

Robert BearceForward and Reverse Loan Originator


At Open Mortgage, we invest in our Loan Originators (LOs).  In fact, both on the Forward and Reverse side, we offer new LOs the opportunity to work with our on-boarding coaches. Our coaches are seasoned professionals who can help you stay on track with project goals, while helping you understand our back-office processes and systems.

In addition to our on-boarding coaches, both your Sales Director and your Branch Advisor will aid you in strategic thinking for business development, while helping you understand product options and best practices.

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